12/06/2009 - Daddy and Allie13/06/2009 - Allie checking the water13/06/2009 - Allie in the pool13/06/2009 - Allie in the ball pool13/06/2009 -  Allie peeping.JPG13/06/2009 -  The girls in the pool13/06/2009 -  Maya and Allie in the pool13/06/2009 -  Maya and Allie on the boingy13/06/2009 -  Maya on the slide13/06/2009 -  The inflatable pool14/06/2009 -  Allie climbing in the playground14/06/2009 -  Allie riding the elephent14/06/2009 -  In the playground14/06/2009 -  Maya on a swing20/06/2009 -  Having lunch outside with uncle Tim20/06/2009 - Maya Allie and Gran21/06/2009 - Allie and Mummy21/06/2009 -  Allie sitting on Mummy
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13/06/2009 - The girls in the pool