13/05/2009 - Listen to a story from Grandma Ada13/05/2009 - Allie riding a swing13/05/2009 - Yet another swing13/05/2009 - Maya nad Allie in the playground13/05/2009 - Maya and the horse14/05/2009 - Maya and Allie having a bath14/05/2009 - Maya eating a snak15/05/2009 - Maya and Allie in the paddlind pool15/05/2009 - Paddlin pool BW15/05/2009 - Allie going to Great Grandma Paolias bed15/05/2009 - Allie and Talma16/05/2009 - Maya with Grandpa Rami and Auntie Anat13/05/2009 - Maya working in the garden13/05/2009 - Maya riding a horse at Alexandras house19/05/2009 - Playing with Grandpa Shlomo19/05/2009 - Allie and Grandma Ada19/05/2009 - Sliding to Gabi19/05/2009 - Allie and Amos
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14/05/2009 - Maya eating a snak